Conference Speaker Reinhard Posch

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Job title CIO
Organisation Federal Government of Austria

The role of the CIO for the federal government is primarily the strategic coordination of activities in the field of information and communications technology that concern more than one ministry. As such the CIO is the Chair of the Austrian eGovernment platform “DIGITAL:AUSTRIA” that includes all level of government.

As Head of the Institute he specialized in ‘Applied Information Processing and Communications Technology' and as scientific director of the Austrian Secure Information Technology Centre the main efforts are computer security, cryptography, secure hard- and software and eGovernment. He is chairman of the board of trustees of the non-profit foundation Stiftung Secure Information and Communication Technologies SIC which has been donated by Graz University of Technology.

Reinhard Posch was also Chair of the Board of ENISA, the European Network and Security Agency.

Reinhard Posch takes part in groups installed by the European Commission to elaborate ICT and security strategies (e.g.  „Future Internet Visionaries“, RISEPTIS). Being a member of the "Rat der IT Weisen" he is providing advice to the Commissioners Kroes and Sefkovic in the area of IT-Security to assist the implementation of the Digital Agenda.

Helping Greece to recover from the economic crisis Reinhard Posch worked with the Reichenberg Group to assist implementing innovation in the Greek eGovernment.

Reinhard Posch participates as an advisor of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  in the IT advisory board.

Reinhard Posch got awarded the Grand Decoration of Honour in Silver for Services to the Republic of Austria.