Conference Speaker Peter Kieseberg

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Organisation SBA Research

Peter received a master’s degree in Technical Mathematics in Computer Science from the VTU Wien with specializations in cryptography and numerical mathematics. He worked as a consultant in the telecommunication sector for several years before joining SBA Research. Here his main activities lie in the area of project management and acquisition, as well as industrial and academic research. Since 2014 he is also visiting doctoral researcher at the Holzinger Group and involved in standardization activities at ETSI (TC-CYBER). He is the Co-Founder of Kibosec, a company targeting the development of services in the area of digital forensics and advanced trainings. His main research interests include various topics in the area of IT-Security: Privacy protection, digital forensics, especially regarding databases, fingerprinting of sensitive data, as well as mobile security. He repeatedly organizes the IWSMA and is currently first vice chair of the joint IEEE-chapter CS/SMC in Austria.